Amazon Cancelled Order | Transaction stuck on pending

Hey folks, looking for some advice on who best to press for a solution for this.

13th July I ordered a product from Amazon, cancelled the order a short time later and they confirmed it was cancelled before it was dispatched.

As the transaction had already been made I knew I would have to wait for the authorisation on the transaction to fall off before the money would be available in my account again.

Two weeks passed and no update and the only option I had in app was to raise a dispute so I did so. Monzo refunded me the amount and opened a dispute.

Now, over 30 days later, the initial transaction is still showing as pending. Amazon have confirmed:

Since this order was cancelled before it shipped, you won’t be charged for it.
If you see a charge on your account, that would be an authorisation placed by your bank. Each bank is different on how long they hold authorisations on your account.

So from what I understand, the hold is on Monzo’s end, but they are going to try a chargeback against Amazon, which will probably result in my Amazon account being closed.

All I got from the in app chat was a generic reply from the Payments team and then the chat was closed and my latest messages are left unreplied.

Any advice?

Have you contacted Amazon to check if that’s what they’d do at this point

Amazon are wrong. Authorisations aren’t “placed by your bank.” Amazon (or its payment processor) sent an authorisation to Monzo, but haven’t asked for the money to be transferred.

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Probably just an error and miscommunication from Monzo. They can’t do a chargeback because you were never actually charged (by Amazon) for it. Amazon only charge at the point of dispatch.

It’ll all just rectify itself around the 30 day mark. Monzo haven’t actually ‘refunded’ anything they’ve just released the pending authorisation.

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You can just ignore the pending transaction :person_shrugging: You’re no worse off, as it’s been refunded.

I’d just crack on with life and enjoy the sun.

There are a few reasons why your orders pending on Amazon. The most common reason for pending orders is authorization; Amazon likes to confirm buyers’ credit card details and pushes orders into pending status for some time. The step usually takes around a few minutes but could drag on for as long as 21 days. In case the order status stays pending for more than an hour, you can contact Amazon customer support. The time the buyer’s order details are confirmed, the order status will alter to Unshipped. At times due to popular holidays time the order gets pending so that can be sorted out after a while.

Thank you, Luciana. You’re the best.

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