Payments tab cluttered

Does anyone feel the payments tab looks abit cluttered?


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I could have swore i seen WIP images for a redesign of these screen but cant seem to find them :thinking:

Maybe someone can either yey or ney this? Possibly to do with the new payee details screen perhaps.

But yes i agree this screen needs some TLC soon

I think this is the last we saw of it in November? I do agree it has become very cluttered recently.

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Bingo, that’s the one!

Guess its a bit of a mess at the moment with all the intertwined screen updates all kind of depending on something from the other to be finished before they can be completed.

Payments/Pot Details/Payee Management

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I would agree with you. Strangely I don’t have the 3 ‘buttons’ at the top - Pay, Request, Shared :thinking:
I can’t wait for Payee Management to receive some much needed love. Feels like it’s been a long time in development.

I think that may have appeared on the beta release for Android last week, so you should see it in this week’s app update.

I’m on iOS. The screen shot above it iOS as well. I’m on the latest beta. Strange

I had the three tabs on iOS (Pay, Request, and Shared) but in the latest app update the Shared tab now seems to have disappeared.

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My gripe is with Payees - particularly having seen them all transferred over from my legacy bank. It’d be waaay easier and a better user experience if these were

a) In alphabetical order
b) Retained previous references when making a payment unless I actively choose to over-write it

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