Current Account Switch - Payment Sent to Old Account

Hi all

My account was switched over completely this morning, however, a friend has sent me some money to my old account however it has been over 2 hours now and the money has not come to my Monzo account. Is this normal?

Does your friend bank with Monzo too?

No. Yorkshire Bank. They sent it to my old Barclays Bank which has completed its switch this morning

As long as you’ve triple checked your Barclays account details are correct, the delay (or issue) will likely be at their end processing it then.

As soon as Monzo get notification of funds it will immediately show up in your account.

Yeah. We have checked this already just to make sure. This is the first time using the current account switch scheme so I will just wait and be patient :slight_smile:

Has your friend checked with Yorkshire bank to see if it has been processed yet or if they’re having any issues?

All Monzos systems seem to be operational, but that could change at anytime. Here is a link to check:

Just to clarify. My friend banks with Yorkshire, my old account was with Barclays :slight_smile:

ooops yep sorry, I’ll edit that :slight_smile:

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So your Barclays account is now closed and that’s where your friend sent money?

That money will get returned to your friend I think, it won’t get to Monzo. They have done the switch and closed your old account.

It was closed as part of the current account switch

The account gets closed but if any money gets sent to it (for a year I think?) it will get forwarded to your new account.

When I switched to Monzo I forgot to give my employer my new account details and I got paid for months afterwards until I realised.

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Ahh okay, the forwarding part afterwards was what I was unsure of.

Everyday is a school day!

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Yep - that’s one of the benefits of CASS.

But be careful…

Whilst @ordog had a good outcome with his employer, it’s by no means a given that your new bank details will carry over to your Payroll Dept.

To be safe - check that bit manually.

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If you have switched to Monzo from another bank and a payment was sent to your old bank details, the money should be redirected as part of The Current Account Switch Service.

Your old bank should inform anybody who sends money to your old account of your new details, as well as perform a redirection of the money to your new account, however in practice most just redirect the money or the sending bank/company ignores the new details.

However, this redirection is not instant, and some banks even perform it manually! :sob:

Providing you have used CASS, I would give it a working day or two before chasing it as it entirely depends on how fast your old bank is at redirecting payments. In the mean time, make sure to give your friend your new bank details. :+1:


Yep that’s the bit I didn’t do :see_no_evil: I assumed that they would be notified but they either were and didn’t action the change or they didn’t get it.

It was only through an annual reminder from my employer to check all my details are still current that I noticed :grimacing:

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Ah. Nice swerve, then. Could have been awkward.

I used to think CASS did ALL the notifying. Nearly … but not all. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Please remember that faster payments can take until the end of the next working day to complete.
The money will be forwarded on but won’t necessarily be instant.
I think we have all got used to near instant transfers.

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