I’ve done the switch today to Monzo!

I’ve done the switch today, but someone’s just sent me money to my old bank, and it’s still not in my Monzo?
I’m worried now? As I’ve got a lot of payment due into my old account that I assumed would be sorted within the switch!


Did you use the Current Account Switching Service? What is the date of switch, as confirmed by your old bank?
If you just started the switch today, it takes 7 days for the switch to be completed, and during those 7 days normally money going to your old account will still go to your old account which should still be accessible.

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Yes I did. And the switch was complete yesterday morning

Can you login to the old account?
Is the money there?

I would try send a test payment of 0.01 from another account to your old one and see what happens, faster payments can take 2 hours.

Spoke to the old bank, they confirmed it was redirected to Monzo immediately

Ask the old bank for a TRN ( transaction reference number) and then contact monzo in app, search contact us in the help section if you don’t see that chat button.

You can try monzo first but they’ll probably ask for the trn.

Your best bet is to reach out in-app chat and ask them. @kolok has given some good advice, but we are (mainly) all customers here so can only help to a certain extent.


As you’ve switched your payment should be redirected and received within 24 hours.

In the meantime we’d recommend getting in contact with the old bank to ask for the payment details Incase it’s not received later today.