Switching current bank to Monzo - will my pay for this month be forwarded?

I found a few topics similar to this but none recent nor specific to this situation.

I was about to switch my direct debits over to Monzo using the switch service but then realised I am due to receive pay from my job in a weeks’ time. My concern is that my employer will not be able to update my bank details until after this pay run.

My question is: if I switch everything over now, would my wage be redirected to my Monzo account? Is there a period of time after switching to Monzo where all payments received are forwarded to my new account?

Many thanks for your help (apologies if this is a duplicate question)

If you CASS your salary will be forwarded into Monzo once the switch is complete.

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It will forward and the scheme has a guarantee about it.

Personally, I’d wait a week, do the CASS and tell your employer so they have a month to change it.

I have 99.99999% faith in the system, but not being paid wasn’t worth the risk for me, so I did the above.


Thank you both for your replies.

It’s good to know that it will forward and that the scheme guarantees it, but I will probably wait the week just to avoid any potential issues (as I wouldn’t like to miss any of my payments).

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