Payment with incorrect reference query

Hi made a manual credit card repayment earlier today… Unfortunately whilst the Bank Account Name and Credit Card reference were correct, for some reason it went to a different credit card company’s bank account.

Has anyone else had this issue? I used the recent payees section when selecting the credit card company and I didn’t check the bank account (as I just assumed it wouldn’t somehow have got mixed up).

Is the payment likely to bounce back to me over the next few days, given that the payment reference I put on it will be invalid for the other credit card company?

@Sascha … I can’t say for sure, but I’ve had recent issues with Monzo replacing my reference on payments to Amex with the words “American Express” rather than my card number… In these cases Amex have not bounced the payment back to me, I’ve had to speak to them and have to money manually allocated to my account… in some cases weeks after the money was transferred.

Maybe best to speak to the credit card company you sent the money to and ask for it to be returned…

Funnily enough I noticed the funds have been applied by the other credit card company to my account this morning. Even though the reference was completely incorrect they must have identified my credit card account from the bank account that sent the funds.

I wasn’t using the credit card which the payment has gone to, so it now shows a credit balance. I couldn’t even find the physical credit card itself so I’ve had to order a replacement just so I can spend the credit! I figured that’s easier than calling up just to request the funds be sent back.

In my experience you can quite easily ring up and they’ll transfer it to your bank account. I have had this experience with Amex and Halifax.