Already paid CC balance trying to be collected via DD

Hi! I recently paid my CC balance off, however the direct debit is attempting to be collected today. It already failed once because I didn’t have enough funds (it’s all squirreled away in pots). Is there any negative impact to having the direct debit collection just fail? Remember, the balance is already paid.

American Express told me that it’s because I paid it <4 days before collection and to contact Monzo to pause the payment. Monzo in return told me that American Express should’ve done it!

Norhing to do with Monzo. American express requested the money and Monzo allowed it as per the agreement you made.

You only get penalised if american express mark it as late or missed payment on your credit report. Given what you said it’s unlikely they’ll do it but keep an eye on your report.

Some credit cards might do – there’s probably a clause somewhere that OP agreed to which says DD will still be collected if balance paid within X days of DD (as the instruction would have already been submitted)

OP, speak to Amex to understand implications. Or move money so the DD can be collected and then ask Amex for the positive balance back


Yes, they won’t do this automatically. I wasn’t using my Amex most of last year because I hadn’t spent enough to qualify for the cashback. It sat dormant with a £10 credit (due to a refund) for months on end.

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Thanks folks. This is what they came back to me with:

Very unhelpful! So basically I have to pay the direct debit and then try and get the money back from them.

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Credit card companies are a bit shit like this.

Most reduce the DD amount collected, but have a lead time of like 3-5 days (depends on the card, and processing timings).

Others collect full DD amount always, even if paid partially manually.

One can cancel direct debit in the app, request single direct debit payment reversal, or seek refund back from the credit card company.

These days I am pondering to have credit card DDs only set to minimum payment, and do the rest payments with like in app transfer.

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Tbf though the terms and conditions you signed up for, will more than likely cover this situation, especially around if you pay early and how early or late to actual payment date it’s made.

Edit - but yes I agree it’s an annoyance