Default Payment Reference

This is related to several other chains about Monzo not retaining payment references. However, I see that it now does - hoorah!

Small additional suggestion: auto-fill the reference with the last used option. I know it’ll just save one scroll & click per payment, but in the interwebz, every save helps.


Hi Shaun,

Just to let you know - we now do this! Go to pay someone you’ve paid before, and we’ll autofill the last-used reference. Hope that saves a bit of time!


In relation to this, I transferred some money to my Marcus account this morning using the “Send money to xxx” on a previous transaction and rather than use the previous reference it used “Sent from Monzo”. I’m running iOS if that makes a difference.

Doesn’t seem to be working for me - I still see “Sent from Monzo” as the default.


Not sure if it’s released properly yet. I have it but it’s a TestFlight version. I might be wrong
Or it might have been updated and you need to update your app

Just had an update through which says it will auto fill the previous reference. Guess that’ll be Sent From Monzo for this one :man_facepalming:t4:

Just updated to latest 2.36.0 (iOS) and it now inserts the reference I used last time. :+1:

Me too now, fab!