Missing Payment References

Hi. Just went to pay a credit card bill I’ve paid many times before and the reference had defaulted back to sent by Monzo. I did have to reinstall Monzo a few days ago would that have wiped it? If not an annoying bug - I do think the whole payments process in Monzo is its Achilles heal!

Has it defaulted back even if you open up a previous transaction and click on ‘Send money to X?’

I didn’t use that method just clicked on icon showing previous payment- has worked until now

I’ve got this too. Tapped my landlord to pay rent and the usual reference had gone. Also once it was gone, I couldn’t click on him to see all past payments, it said only one had been made.
Someone on slack also pointed out if you go back to older payments, all the details are missing so you can’t see previous references or details on payments.

this is the same for me. my standing orders are the same.
when i look back its just the ref twice. so if i look for it it only says i have 1 payment all year.

did all this data go missing when the servers crashed the other day.
and if so, will it be fixed - as this is the reason i use Monzo for the extra date you can look up and see.


I’ve also reinstalled the app several times recently, and if I search for a regular payment and tap on one from the displayed list of historical transactions, then tap on ‘Number of payments’, it shows ‘No results’ - which is wrong.

However, the correct reference is still logged against the contact if I tap on the contact when making a payment. But please note I’m on Android with ‘Merge payees’ enabled.

There is definitely something funky going on. - I’ve added the Bugs Reports category to the topic.

I’ve noticed that the missing payment references are when I go to pay a recent payee but do so from my pet account when I paid last from my joint - it then “forgets” - and the same when I do the same but from my personal account when the last payment was from the joint! A bug that is very frustrating…

Interesting. My wife accidentally paid her Smile credit card from our joint account rather than her personal account. A while later I paid my own smile credit card from my current account and the payment never arrived - the payment reference had defaulted to her card number not mine even though I paid from my account.

Because the reference (her card number) could be seen by both of us in the joint account, the fact that it was subsequently visible in my own personal account wasn’t considered by Monzo to be a data breach, but it was unexpected, disconcerting, and extremely inconvenient.

Obviously I’m to blame for the fact that money ended up in the wrong account because I should have checked the reference but as it was being sent from my own account to a previously used payee I didn’t check beyond a glance at the card number which started with the same 8 digits as usual.

I was told it was a known bug so I wonder if what you have described is an attempt to fix it or just more buggy behaviour around payment references in personal and joint accounts?

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Not sure if it’s the same issue or related, but i’ve just switched to Monzo via CASS and it also resets all payee references to “sent by Monzo” during the switch - other banks preserve the reference field, so not a limitation of CASS itself. Several of my payments require specific reference information for the recipient to process, which has been lost in transit :frowning_face:

Edit payees also seems to be broken in the app - I can’t edit - so not feeling great about the “Full Monzo” decision so far!

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