Payment Transfer not showing in my account


I’m expecting a payment from South Africa that was made on Friday.

It’s still not showing in my account?

Why is it taking so long?


I didn’t think Monzo accepted foreign transfers?

Did you use Transferwise?

No it was a normal payment. The money was taken from the payee’s account

Transferwise doesn’t work ZAR to GBP.

It works the other way, for some reason. Scrap that. I think Transferwise only sends ZAR within SA.

As @Revels said, Monzo doesn’t officially accept international transfers. The money will either turn up eventually, or be returned to the sending account.

You’ll need an account with an IBAN. Most UK banks have this facility, but not Monzo.


More info in the below article:

Interesting that they partnered with TransferWise in June 2018 and…

Next on the list is adding the ability to receive international payments, so we wanted to explain what you can do at the moment through Monzo, and our early plans to improve it.

Two and a half years ago it was “next on the list.”

Monzo being Monzo

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Not surprising really :joy:

That being said I’m sure they’ve since brought a lot of this kind of stuff in house. So whereas the article states it’s some paperwork and stuff I guess there’s a lot more to do now.

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