Receiving € into Monzo From Germany

I had a payment sent to me from Germany in € last week, the advice states that the payment was made on the 18th July, this hasn’t however reached my account.

It wasn’t made by SEPA so I assume it’s been made as a SWIFT payment using the IBAN and BIC code, the business confirm it has been sent to me, yet Monzo can’t see the payment and nothing has been credited to me.

Is this an issue with Monzo, I’ve not had this with other banks before


Should help answer your questions


I’ve actually seen proof the payment has left the senders account and was accepted by the bank but never credited my account.

Payment details were spot on as per my account so that’s not the issue.

There’s either an intermediary bank between the bank in Germany and Monzo or Monzo have the funds in a clearing/holding account.

Either way, Monzo have been utterly useless throughout the whole process so a FOS complaint is being compiled. Maybe they’ll actually sort their international payments out correctly.

You need to complain to monzo first, and follow their complaints process.

Then, either on their final response, or a period of 56 days/8 weeks lapses, you then file to the financial ombudsman service (FOS) if you’re unhappy with their final response, or the time period has lapsed.

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Anyone interested this is how you see it was accepted and hasn’t been rejected by Natwest who I believe perform clearing for Monzo

Is this an instant sepa payment?

It wasn’t an instant payment as Monzo aren’t part of the Instant Payment facility.

Interestingly, it still hasn’t arrived in my account despite the sending bank confirming it has been sent to the beneficiary bank.

My formal complaint wasn’t upheld because they stated the following from 2018:

We don’t accept payments etc etc.

I’ve had to remind them that they actually do and new information was published this year informing customer they DO accept payments and their final response as wrong and factually incorrect.

They’re in the process of producing a new final response as I’ve advised I’ll be taking it to the FOS as their response was incorrect and misleading.


Sounds shocking mate

Use Revolut or Fineco next time

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The business sending the funds have kindly resent it to my Lloyds account, who don’t charge me to receive € - Hopefully that should arrive tomorrow as they’re a real bank :joy:

Monzo promised a reply by COB today, didn’t happen as it’s been raised with thier “Payment Seniors” whoever they are.

I’ll definitly be taking the issue to FOS as nobody seems to know what they’re doing and what facilities are actually available to customers