Bank Transfer not reflecting

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I made a transfer from Transferwise to Monzo 6 days ago which has still not reflected in my Monzo account. This seems really strange. I have also had no assistance from the Monzo support with answers just being they do not have the ability to track international transfers! All banking details are correct. Has anyone experienced something similar and how can I solve this!

Thanks in advance!

What have transferwise said?

Transferwise is a different company, monzo can’t see what’s going on until they get it

As Revels said it’s transferwise you need to contact

TransferWise have said the payment has been cleared and provided a transfer receipt.

They should be able to provide a transaction ID/reference to prove that it was sent. Then you can pass that to Monzo so they can try and hunt it down?

Are you certain that you put the correct account details in too? Double and triple checked?

This is what I thought. I provided Monzo with the transfer ID to which I was told they don’t have the facilities to track the payment. Highly disappointed with Monzo.

Account details have been triple checked

If you have a transfer receipt, did you give that to Monzo? If so, raise a complaint.

In the TransferWise app how did you send the money to Monzo? Did you convert it to GBP first or did you send the currency directly? Did you put in your sort code and account number or did you generate an IBAN?

GBP balance and EUR from TransferWise should reach Monzo (although EUR is not officially supported and can still go wrong). Anything else is more tricky because the underlying banks providing the service for TransferWise might not be able to route money to Monzo.

If it was a sizeable amount, it could have been flagged for anti-fraud or anti-moneylaundering checks and Monzo would not be able to tell you this - hence the delays.

Submit a complaint with the evidence and they will get back to you.

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