Payment Requests

Hi, I noticed that when requesting payments via a Monzo link, payees who bank with Santander or First Trust cannot use Apple Pay - transaction fails - but choosing the option that requires debit card details works just fine. Anybody else experiencing something similar?

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You can add RBoS to the list too - that fails on two of my friends account.

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It was actually embarrassing on several occasions…sending a fancy settle-up request that doesn’t work :slightly_frowning_face:

I wonder what side it fails on. I’ve had it work on plenty of accounts so it feels unlikely, but not impossible to be a Monzo issue.

Yeah odd, works with my own HSBC and Starling accounts.


Have you tried to use Starlings version with the friends with accounts that fail? Would be an interesting experiment.

Starling’s settle-up link didn’t work either with First Trust in combination with Apple Pay…Santander on the other hand worked.

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