Difficulty Making a Payment

Is anyone having problems making payments via Bank transfers?

Today? Did one this morning and it was fine

Been trying to make one all evening

From Monzo or to Monzo? If it’s to then which bank is it?

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What’s been happening when you’ve tried?

I get this message

Could you please post that screenshot again but with the account details blurred out?

Sorry not sure how to do that. Still.learning Android. This is the error message I get.

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Saw it was starling. I’d contact help in app as neither bank is showing a probelm

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Thanks been waiting for a reply for 2 hours. Appreciate its a Saturday though.

that’s a long wait. How long did it say the wait time was?

It’s saying a few hours in the app at the moment :grimacing:

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If you need the money transferred sooner then mark your question as urgent. I’m guessing it’s joint account queries since it’s so new and reversed MasterCard payment :see_no_evil:

Ah good idea. Thanks for the help Guys.


Is the app asking you to authorise sending the payment by fingerprint or PIN? If you have fingerprint enabled for payments, try turning it off.

(I had that message the other week when trying to send a payment using fingerprint authorisation. It went a bit funky (technical term) so support told me to turn fingerprint auth on and off again - I’ve just left it off for now as it seems a bit, erm, unpredictable).

Edit: I’m assuming it’s money going from Monzo to Starling. If you need the money transferred super urgently, I think Starling lets you “top up” by debit card which should be fairly instantaneous…

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It was a transfer to another person so using Settle Up would be the solution there.

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Thanks, Alex! I was (probably wrongly) assuming that it was a transfer to their own account… But Settle Up sounds like the way to go!

(I do hope that @Mcoliver88 gets the underlying problem fixed soon, though…)

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Spoke to support and I just deleted and reinstalled the app and it solved the problem.