Payment notification

Hi how comes I don’t receive in feeds that am getting paid in 3 days anymore?

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Off the top of my head, could it be because your employer has changed to paying you via Faster Payments instead of BACS?

I normally see my BACS income just the day before, unless it falls on a Monday, or next working day after a public holiday, in which case it does appear earlier.

Hi Marlene & welcome :wave:

Payments made via BACS show up as greyed-out (future) transactions 1 working day before the planned pay date, and the ‘Paid early’ feature allows you to collect the payment from 4pm on the day before the payment is planned to arrive.

Payments made by Faster Payments are almost instant, so Monzo has no knowledge of the incoming payment until it arrives, so there’s no greyed-out feed entry and no ability to claim early.

It sounds like you’re (now) being paid via the Faster Payments method.

If you saw it in 3 days time, it was probably a Friday. Incoming BACS payments (like most salaries) show for the next working day, so it’s usually one day before unless it’s the weekend when you’ll see it Friday afternoon.

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