Not paid early today?

I’ve tried to speak to customer service about this. I’m due to be paid tomorrow by BACS and have not been paid early like normal. It is a Furlough payment so feeling a little anxious. Also, Monzo chat is not working in the app. Anyone else having difficulty?

Have you used get paid early before? Is it appearing on your feed as a greyed out transaction?

Every month I’ve been offered it early apart from today.

Is it showing on your feed?


Is it your first furlough payment?

Have you asked your employer if they’ve actually sent it?

Yes and yes… :frowning:

Could they be paying by bank transfer this month? Unlikely they would have told you if they were

Chat will be able to tell you if they can see anything for your account that’s not on the feed. How exactly is chat not working?

No response for 4 hours!

They are probably just really busy. Lots of people due to be paid today with the bank holiday.

They’ll get back to you as soon as they can.

I get paid tomorrow and got my pay today at 4 as usual. So not a general issue but if it’s not in your feed then it may be a different kind of payment that’s been sent.

I’m usually paid by BACS but I find whenever my employer temporarily alters the amount (bonus etc.) I get paid by Faster Payments which doesn’t show up the day before.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the same is happening here.

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If it is not showing in your feed, then we have not been sent the payment details.

As mentioned above, some companies are using Faster Payments to send salary payments this month, particularly where the amount has changed.

Payments made using Faster Payments cannot be paid early as they are already immediately applied when received, as opposed to Bacs payments which are applied the next business day (which Get Paid Early shortens to 4pm the previous day, the cutoff time for recalling payments).

If the payment has not shown up by the end of the day that you expect to be paid on (as in, the day you would be paid if you did not use Get Paid Early), I would ask the people who deal with payroll at your company for next steps. :slightly_smiling_face:


The specific question has been answered and anything else would just be off-topic. There are loads of threads on this topic already!