Payment flow for users with a Personal + Business account

Issue: I have a personal + business account. I made the mistake of sending a payment to a personal contact from my business account. This mistake was far too easy to make and I think there may be a bug or design flaw.

Details to reproduce: Here’s the very rough flow I followed to make the payment —> I searched my transactions for a prior payment to this contact, I selected the transaction, I selected the contact, I selected the send money option and added the necessary details. I did all of this from my personal account. When I made the payment, it turns out that it was sent from my Business account. This doesn’t make any sense.

Device: iPhone 12 Pro
App Version: 5.80.0

Screenshots: NA

As an aside, I also think that contacts should be “ring fenced” between personal and business accounts. E.g. I shouldn’t be able to find and send payments to personal contacts from my business account, and vice versa.

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Absolutely agree that it’s far too easy to move money between business and personal accounts, and to make payments from the wrong account.

Monzo seem to take the view that they’re both “your” accounts and thus “your” money.

IMO the only way to transfer between personal and business should be by setting up a bank transfer, and the only payment option from a business account should be to pay from that account. (Similarly if you’re in your personal account the only option should be your personal account.)

Money in the business account doesn’t “belong” to you, it belongs to the business. Being able to make mistakes like this so easily causes real headaches when they do happen.

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