Annoying process when paying someone

When I pay someone

I go to the payment tab
Find the person I am paying
Tap on them

Then it opens up there page and forces me to pick if it a personal or business account

It does this everytime

That’s for CoP purposes, I believe.

You’d think it would remember, wouldn’t you?

Where exactly are you tapping to get that?

I’ve never seen that screen before and I can’t seem to replicate it.

If I go to payments I have the avatars of frequents and then a list of recents. If I press any of them, whether they are Monzo or not, I just get their name/account, press the account and I get the previous reference I used under the amount I want to pay and an option to make it a scheduled payment.

This drives me insane. If I am sending the same person some money it asks me again? Why? they are the same person with the same bank details. They have not turned into a business account. In fact, the whole payments UI is a mess.

As @PaulUK says, that would be for Confirmation of Payee, and they’re probably rolling it out slowly for batches of customers at a time in case it breaks anything. I don’t have it either, but I expect all customers will get it sooner or later.

It would make sense if they could update the behaviour for it to remember the old answer for later sends to the same details, though. As @lpoolrob says, the kind of account is unlikely to change after the first use.

I’ve only got it in the last week or so.

I just want it to remember!

This is for Confirmation of Payee. Being asked every time is a bug which we’re fixing. Sorry about that.


Seems to work fine for me (iOS) :eyes: I only get asked when first setting up a payee. Maybe only an issue on Android?

Happens to me on iOS (or at least, it was still happening a couple of days ago)

Happens to me every time I make a bank transfer on iOS.

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