Have to select personal or business account every time I pay someone

I have noticed this, and it would be nice if it could be looked at soon

This is a known bug and Monzo staff have promised that it will be fixed, though unfortunately they haven’t given a timeline for doing so.

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Did they not test this before it went live?!

Just because it wasn’t fixed doesn’t mean it wasn’t picked up.

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Of course there’s a chance. How big a chance I couldn’t say, of course, but those sorts of calls are made by different people/companies every day so it feels naive to assume Monzo is any different. Is it annoying? Probably. Is it broken? No. Is it good enough for the moment so we can get something out? fill in your own answer

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Idealistically, yes. In reality, not so much. The selection can be made so it works. It could work better but it works. :man_shrugging:

It’s a minor inconvenience nothing that’s show stopping at the end of the day, you can still transfer cash it just means there’s an extra step in the process for now until its tweaked by Monzo



OK, if we’re down to this level of ridiculousness then I’m going to back away now.

At some point real life gets in the way of our ideals. I’m glad you’ve never had to face that yet!


And just because it’s a mild inconvenience, doesn’t mean it’s going to be fixed instantly.

As Mike said, they may have noticed and decided it can wait for the next update. Apps fix things and then break something else all the time, some things will be a bigger priority.

This is fixed in the latest Android beta app update 3.39, not sure if its fixed on iOS yet?