Payee Account Type

Last night I tried to send a payment to a bank account I frequently transfer too and this time around I had new option where it made me select the Account Type which gives me either Personal or Business. For this particular transfer, it was to a business so I selected that option. The app then told me the detail did not match and that I could be getting scammed. I went back and tried the personal option and again the same thing. I continued anyway but I don’t get why now, after 10+ payments to this bank account it decides to tell me it’s wrong. Now every time I pay this account I have three additional buttons to press.

Today I am trying to pay off my credit card which I do via bank transfer and my presumption is I select business but it’s really not clear why this is now required in the UI.

What implication does selecting business or personal actually have? does it matter at all if I get it wrong?

Again - Paying off my credit card via an account I have setup in the monzo app. I’ve paid probably 100+ payments too it and now it’s telling me the details don’t match. This is not great UX because I know the details are actually correct otherwise I wouldn’t have sent previous payments there but this warning now makes me doubt if I should be sending this payment - leaving me in a confused situation as to what to do next!

Have a read of this thread :slight_smile:

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Will do - thanks! I tried searching for account type but didn’t find anything

The name on the account probably isn’t matching. With Confirmation of Payee we match the account number, sort code, account type, and beneficiary name.

If it’s a credit card payment, then the credit card company should have updated there payment details to include a name.

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Thanks Thomas - For existing payees you will have to enter the correct name each time unless you just want to bypass the warning. The only workaround I’ve found is to recreate the payees myself so I could amend the rec name input but I wonder if it’s clear to others that you need to do this - just a thought

Yeah we know there are a couple of rough edges around Confirmation of Payee at the moment. We’re working through them, but we through getting CoP out to customers was more important than perfect polish :soap:. We’ve unfortunately seen an up tick in scams :disappointed:, so we’re keen to give customers as many tools as possible to protect themselves.

Totally fair! I appreciate you guys prioritising this especially with the uptake on scams

I can’t help but feel something in-app explaining the changes would stop a lot of people questioning the changes both on here and no doubt in-app support. Good changes, poor communication.