Payment authorization disappeared from app

I purchased something online and the merchandise required payment authorization which I did through the Monzo app. Now the next day, there’s no indication of such authorization on my app and it doesn’t appear the payment has gone through as it’s neither listed on the app nor the merch’s website. Was there a bug? Anyone experienced the same, please?

You’d be much better off talking to the merchant to see if they think the payment has happened or not. The authorisation attempt was in the past so you wouldn’t expect to see anything in app related to that.

As above. Also, depending on the merchant - some don’t take payment until the item(s) are dispatched so the transaction may appear at a later date.

Agree it depends on the merchant. Some go through the authorisation process including 3D secure but, presumably, cancel it at the last moment, and then charge the card later when they dispatch goods.

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