I made a payment on my card & the payment didn’t go through but is still pending?

I went to make a payment with my Monzo card tonight & it asked me to authorise the payment in the app which I did, but then the order didn’t go through, so the payment is pending, I have looked on the app & it says it will be returned in 8 days, is there any way of getting this back any quicker, I have tried to speak to someone on chat but it says that the wait is 23hrs? Is there any other way of getting hold of someone or will I just have to wait?

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The in-app chat is the best way to reach a team member, once they have received your message they may be able to release it if the retailer or merchant has confirmed they are not going to collect the funds,

I hope this helps

You could phone the telephone number on your card as there as customer service agents available via the phone as well and they can reverse the authorisation for the amount on your balance.

That of course is subject to the company not re applying for the money again but if course if you didn’t order it then it should be fine.

You need to use in app chat and provide evidence such as a completed payment receipt to prove the funds won’t be taken

The team over the phone call only help with Lost and Stolen card enquiries. I would recommend going with the in-app chat session as the phone team have very limited access from what I am aware of

I am confident you will hear from someone soon :slight_smile:

From when has that changed?

It says it in their IVR as you dial in

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Exactly the same happened about 2 weeks ago with plus net for me just had to wait it out and after the days it said Monzo returned it
They won’t no if the merchant is going to take it or not unfortunately it would only have your word for it,

Thanks for that as that’s news to me. :+1:

I spoke to someone on chat eventually & explained what had happened & they refunded it straight away, so all sorted thanks everyone :smile:

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That’s great to hear :smile:
I’m glad everything got resolved for you!

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