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So on Saturday I took my car to the garage with a planned budget, and the repairs required exceeded my planned budget, so I asked the garage what my options were and was told I could either pay the full bill now (3 times my budgeted amount) or I could make use of their Payment Assist service ( which offered a 4 month repayment option with no interest - much more desirable to my budget, So I confirmed with the garage that I would take the payment assist route, and after the work was complete I went to the garage to collect my car and pay for the works, and that is when the fun begun!

When I spoke to the garage before collecting my car I was told a DEBIT card was required for payment, and a CREDIT card would be declined, this is fine with me I dont own a credit card.

So I arrived to collect the car and pay the first installment and setup the payment plan, filled in the online forms with the garage within their Payment Assist portal, entered my Monzo card details and… this card is not valid/recognised/allowed… even before the expiry and CVC had been entered, cue frustration and panic as I checked my balance to see if the required funds werent hiding in a pot! all good…Nope… still didnt work, tried my partners card… nope, tried our join account card… nope.

Now having gone #fullmonzo since April of 2018 I panicked, my wife and I have no other banks even our Son is #fullmonzo, after discussing options with the garage I dismissed the issue as a fault on Payment Assists end assuming that they just assumed Mastercard cards had to be credits and blocked the transaction before it even begun! But in the end we contacted a family member and they came down to the garage and setup the payments on their card, and we paid them… what a palava! I contacted Monzo through the in app support and was assured that there should be no issues.

Roll around to yesterday (monday the 25th) I contacted Payment Assist at the suggestion of the garage and what follows is the transcript of that conversation:

Merit @ Payment Assist 16:54
Hello. How may I help you?

Me: Hi, i would like to know why my mastercard debit card was declined for use by your service over the weekend?

You have been transferred to: Sophie @ Payment Assist.
You have been transferred to: Merit @ Payment Assist.
Merit @ Payment Assist 16:55
what garage was it through

Me: formula 1
Me: the manager in store even showed me the screen where your website was saying that my card     was not valid for use on your site

Merit @ Payment Assist 16:56
what bank is it with?

Me: Monzo

Merit @ Payment Assist 16:57
There is an issue with recurring payments on Monzo cards

Me: Not according to monzo there isnt, and i use recurring payments every monht
Me: have you discussed this with monzo? as they are not aware of any issues

Merit @ Payment Assist 16:59
unfortunately our banking system does not allow Monzo cards

Me: why?

Merit @ Payment Assist 17:00
this is due to ongoing issues which we have previously had with Monzo cards

Me: which are?
Merit @ Payment Assist 17:00
unfortunately i am unable to discuss this due to GDPR

And that is where they terminated the discussion with me, no clarification, no explanation of the issue, just “unfortunately our banking system does not allow Monzo cards”

Could you guys possibly shed some light on this for me? this experience today really made me cautious about relying on Monzo for everything financial in my life! Had it not been for a family member being available to assist I would have either been without my car, or financially broke for the month! Now I dont for a moment imagine that this issue was entirely on their end, and their refusal to assist highlighted that further, but some insight from some Monzo staff would be amazing!


This probably isn’t the answer you were looking for (or want), but I would really be wary of relying on Monzo, or any other new bank for 100% of your needs.

99.9% will no doubt be fine, but that 0.1% can be a real pain, as you found out.

Monzo can certainly work with the company to solve the problem, but even then, I’d really advise against relying solely on one bank (even if it’s a high street bank).

Hopefully it all works out for you :grin:


It sounds like the garage hasn’t updated their systems.

This blog post might be helpful too:

It’s probably worth reporting this to (and CCing to fix this issue for the future.

The wording though almost seems like they have accepted them in the past but now won’t?

issues which we have previously had with Monzo cards

I wonder if this was in prepaid days…


I’d get in touch with the email address - they will be able to follow up.

When Monzo was a pre-paid card it caused some issues but they’ve been a ‘real’ bank for well over a year now.


I am fairly certain this will be due to the prepaid days. Shame it seems to be holding monzo back from time to time.


Sounds that way doesn’t it! The lack of any compassion from the payment assist staff has now irepairably damaged their company image for me.

Even on the phone today they were less helpful


Does anyone know of a way to tag any monzo staff here, emailed acceptance, but no reply, I’m not in a hurry to get caught out again!

I don’t think they reply to any emails any more. I sent one to acceptance and one as a reply to an ongoing issue about something else and both weren’t responded to.