Declined but still charged

(Alex) #1

I was making a payment and my card was declined on the card reader but according to monzo I was still charged, I ended up having to pay twice because the shop didn’t believe that I had paid despite my monzo app charging me!

(Tom ) #2

How long ago was this? Quite often you’ll see a quick reversal.

(Simon B) #3

Hey Alex, can you send me a private message and let me know your registered Monzo email address so I can investigate this for you? Thanks! :grinning:


I had this happen with a non-Monzo card at a tyre/exhaust garage. I rang them back when I had details of both my card payments and they sorted out a refund for me. Good luck!

(Alex) #5

I spoke to monzo customer services and they have refunded me the money, impressed by how quick and painless this was! Thanks monzo

(Marta) #7

Hi @Riacurc, well, Alex kinda said it - contact support via in-app chat and explain what transaction concerns you and why. Merchant might be not that lazy and resolve it for you…but Monzo Team is really good at getting things sorted for you too. :slight_smile: Monzo Team has detailed access to your transaction details and can clearly see what went wrong, really hassle free. :smiley: