Payment Approval Improvements (3D Secure)

Hopefully this hasn’t been raised elsewhere, I’ve had a good look on the forums but can’t find anything.

Once a week I do my online grocery shop, I get to the payment screen and then have to switch to the Monzo app to preapprove the transaction.
If I then want to update my order (to add or remove a grocery item) I then have to go through the same process. I’m not sure who is insisting that this approval is required, but sometimes when I switch to the Monzo app to approve the transaction I forget to switch back to the Sainsbury’s app to complete the order and my shopping doesn’t arrive… :disappointed: which means I get into trouble with my wife.

Would it be possible to set up trusted payments? That is, I spend ~£60 every Sunday online with Sainsburys, that’s a pattern I stick to, when I go to approve the transaction could I have an option to say “Don’t require approval for transactions to this company again”?
Even if occasionally I have to do an approval (as a spot check for instance this would be less faff). Oddly I don’t have to approve transactions to Amazon, so this already seems inconsistently implemented…


Amazon doesn’t use 3D secure at all they use a very legacy based card processing system, it makes is easier for you as you’ve seen but makes them more liable to paying for fraud.

Sainsbury’s are using 3D secure which means when used, the liability of any fraud is shifted from them to the card issuing bank.

It is possible for Monzo to auto authorise payments via 3D secure and most banks use this already. Not sure if Monzo have implemented that yet or how they decide when to auto approve as every bank has their own decisioning engine for it

Asda grocery is auto approved now for me so it bypasses 3d secure. I used to have to approve it

Not sure how it’s decided which retailers can skip this step but @Rika might be able to shed some light on that

That’s interesting to hear, makes me worry a bit about my Amazon account! I can’t imagine anyone getting away with a crazy amount of fraudulent transactions at Sainsburys, whereas Amazon I could easily drop a few grand on stuff I don’t need, and they’ll deliver anywhere!

Unfortunately, I’m not able to talk about the exact rules but we already use a variety of methods to greatly reduce the number of times you are asked to authorise payments.

3D Secure 2.0 launches this year and with it comes a number of improvements particularly around payments in apps (the original 3D Secure specification was written well before phones had web browsers!). This should fix a lot of the issues like the one described in this thread.

You will also see a lot more merchants and other banks pushing transactions through 3D Secure as part of their legal obligations under Payment Service Directive 2’s Strong Customer Authentication requirements. I don’t know how Amazon plans to get around this. :thinking:


Personally, I think every online transaction should be approved either in app or text message.

Reasoning if your card is cloned/scammed even using PayPal for example the time from an active card check to competed purchase can be seconds, as a previous user posted elsewhere, then to a month+ to get money back.

Other option virtual disposable cards :wink:

In Qatar (where online banking is at least 10 years behind the UK), no debit cards can be used online (I still don’t understand why).

For online credit card transactions, every transaction, every time requires authentication (usually by an SMS one-time password).

My wife and I have recently switched our joint account to Monzo, and have also noticed the requirement to approve every single change to the Sainsburys online shop.

My wife had mentioned that this extra friction is already making her frustrated with the move to Monzo.

Is there any way for us to let Monzo know that we use Sainsburys every week for a similar amount of shopping and to not ask for 3D secure every single time?

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No explicit way of asking, and for various reasons they probably could not accept a request, but I only rarely have to approve merchants I have used before

Wait until 14 September (I think) when the new 3DS V2 up is released every transaction and possibly recurring payments my need to be auth again by the end user

How are Amazon gonna cope they don’t even required the CVV code :joy:

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Sorry for resurrecting an old thread, but it’s the only one I found when searching. Replies here seem to say that the 3DS approvals should have got smarter a couple of years ago, but still every single time I do my weekly Tesco grocery shop of about the same value, I have to go through the process. I appreciate it for most online purchases, but it surely can’t be that common for someone to get an entire grocery shop delivered to their house on a fraudulent card, can it?

Could be Tesco driving the auth not Monzo?

Not 100% sure who drives it in the background.

Tesco are doing this. They make you verify any time your shop increases in value, regardless of what card you use. They even do it for us and we pay with a Tesco credit card.