Force Transaction Approval

It really bugs me that after a merchant is approved once, payments just go through each time. And for some (say, Amazon), there is no way not to save your card online.

I would feel much safer if I could somehow force Monzo to ask me to authenticate every transaction that ever happens online, or even better so, put some threshold for that.

Woud others find this hepful?

Talking about 3D Secure here?

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Do not think Amazon, for example, support 3D Secure, so no chance there. Monzo offering you chance to approve would time out a normal card transaction

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Exactly that. From all that I’ve learned about card processing from this board, one of the key points is that there simply isn’t time for this sort of process to happen.

Given that the merchant\bank is choosing to accept liability for fraudulent activity by not making approval requests, I don’t see it as much of an issue for me.


There has been talk of disposable card numbers on the forums and in products from other companies, and this could be useful to generate a card number for, for example, Amazon, allow it to take the amount for the thing you’ve ordered, and then kill the card number so they can’t take more. It’s not authorising every transaction, but it allows for more granular control over what merchants can do with your card details.

I hope Monzo introduce this at some point, but there are other companies doing it.

They don’t do they?? I find it highly frustrating that I constantly have to approve transactions on the app for the same merchant (Ocardo shopping).
If this is to be insisted, then why not open the app to multiple people using the same account on the app so the misses can approve it too!

They don’t do what?

Also are you referring to current accounts or a joint one with your misses? :confused: