3DS v2

When is Monzo implementing 3dsv2? Will this affect any of my usual activities I do on the app?

Aren’t we already using that? When 3ds was launched it was already using the v2 rules

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Launches this year?

We launched 3D Secure v1 with as much of the spirit of 2.0 as we could fit within the Mastercard SecureCode specifications.

To answer the main question, you will probably not notice too much initially, other than that more merchants will support it so you will likely see it more often. :slightly_smiling_face:


We’re working on this right now, and it’s happening Soon™.

September 14th is when Strong Customer Authentication comes into play, which mandates 3DSv2, and we want to take our time to make sure we’re getting it right (and properly tested!) by then. Stay tuned. :eyes:


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