Online grocery shopping - security vs convenience

For the last few weeks, every time I adjust my Tesco online order, I not only have to validate with my card but also go into the Monzo app and approve again the transaction.

Considering this happens about 50 times a week I’m incredibly annoyed… (yeah, I know, I’m full of drama! Lol)

I understand there are laws and regulations and all that… but! Couldn’t Monzo give the option of “pre-approving” a certain amount and as long as the grocery transaction is below the pre-approved amount you don’t need to validate in app every time?

I know this issue has been discussed before like here: Tesco online groceries and in app authorisation but has there been an exploration on potential alternatives?

Anyway… already feel better after this rant… and Tesco delivery arrives tomorrow… I’ll be back again next week and when I start working on my next grocery order! :man_facepalming:t2:

Things like this is one reason I keep my shopping list in a list app and only appear my order the night before delivery. So at most I only have to verify twice.

Seems to work differently with different supermarkets, with Asda I had to verify every time, but with Waitrose it doesn’t always happen. Makes me wonder if it’s also the supermarkets choosing to trigger the flow and not just Monzo.

It would be good if Monzo were able to use machine learning to figure when to automatically complete the flow instead of making you verify in app, but I believe that if they do this it means the fraud liability shifts to them and they may not be ready to take on additional risk of loss.

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For Sainsbury’s I just keep adding stuff to my basket as I require things then only checkout once when I’m done.


I started the original thread you linked to in the OP. After a few weeks, the Tesco app has stopped asking for authorisation in the Monzo app, so I think the system does learn where you regularly use the card and allows purchases through.

Have just booked an order and it’s gone through on an active card check.

This is a Tesco issue, not really Monzo’s.

I’ve used Tesco home delivery since last summer and it’s only in the last couple of months Tesco have enforced a revalidation of a payment if you change the basket.

Tesco clearly stated in a popup (can’t remember where I saw it, I think when I reinstalled the app) that if your basket value increases between authorisations, then you now have to reauthorise the whole transaction again. If the value falls, you don’t. Its Tesco asking for the 3D secure too.

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