Strong Customer Authentication

Will anything change for Monzo customers, similar to the changes for Nationwide ones?

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Seems to be two parts there

First one sounds like 3D Secure, in which case Monzo already has in-app approval working and it seems to be stable enough now between Monzo and merchants for me to trust not falling back to SMS

Second one is more debatable

I can’t see too much changing to be honest, Monzo already has in-app authentication for 3DS transactions. Rika has mentioned the new specification coming in later this year too.

Not visibly, we have already been putting things in place to support this over the last year and a bit. :slightly_smiling_face:

One change you will see is you’ll start to see 3D Secure being used by a lot more merchants though as they update their systems to comply with the regulation too.


Will it be necessary periodically to log into the app again, using the email link? I seem to remember SCA requires this

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