Tesco Grocery Shopping Online - being asked to validate every transaction

When I try to use Monzo to order online on the Tesco grocery shop (for home delivery), I get stopped at a page where it needs me to open the Monzo app and authenticate the transaction. This is happening every time. It only seems to happen with Tesco. Has anyone had this problem and is there any way around it?

If Tesco ask for 3D secure, there isn’t much Monzo can do. It is Tesco pushing liability back at Monzo for online fraud so Monzo must prove you are you via the app.


Without knowing the technical details, couldn’t Monzo implement something like American Express, where you can add a list of “approved” retailers you shop at often, which will bypass the 3DS?

That aint very secure cause someone could take ur card and could use it where it wont ask i think its right to ask all the time and i think most customers are happy with it aswell

Read this page - https://www.americanexpress.com/uk/benefits/service-security/safety-fraud/how-amex-protects-you/safekey/?om_rid=Nu0jg1&om_mid=_Bc1Ag3B9yYdSgm&om_lid=amex8&extlink=em-uk-pushchannel#express-list

It’s perfectly safe, it only applies to online, and the extremely rare occasion that someone has your card details and decides to shop at one of the few online places you’ve approved, before you’ve noticed it’s gone/frozen your card… wouldn’t outweigh the hassle of 3DS on every transaction.

Not to mention you are still covered if the worst happens.

It’s literally a win win for the customer.

When I pay my o2 and Barclaycard bills, it pops up the 3D secure Monzo box, and a message from Monzo says ‘We’ve approved this transaction automatically’ or similar, presumably because I’ve paid them before, and am am on the same IP address etc. After a few approvals they should be able to know it’s not a suspicious payment.


Soon every transaction will require this, there is talk by policy makers to make it mandatory.

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