Paying someone who uses Monzo

If I were to pay my partner (who has a Monzo account) from within the Pay tab in the app by clicking on her picture does this payment get paid via a fast payment method ? Or do you have to use the Bank Transfer & enter her sort, account etc… ?
Being a new user just kinda making sure about things work. I would want the transfer to be fast payment, but not sure if using the " pay someone on Monzo" is via a fast payment or not?
I presume it would be but making sure beforehand. Cheers

I can’t comment on the type of payment it is but i can confirm that you don’t need to enter their account number and sort code. Just enter the amount, confirm it, then you’re done.

Instant and easy :slight_smile:


Off the back of what @Ordog states I beilive they are internal transfers that don’t go via the FPS network and so should always be instant.

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Yeah thanks Ordog I’m just trying to confirm whether the payment is done Ike a fast payment is (within 2 hours)
“Nice & easy” is something I’m liking about my new Monzo account :wink:

It’s instant. Well has always been in my case. Monzo to monzo. Nearly as quick as moving to a pot.

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Thank you, I kind of thought it would be but just kinda making sure :+1:

Most banks won’t use the FPS network to transfer money from same bank to same bank as its cheaper just to use internal transfers


We call it peer to peer, so it’s not got the potential delays a faster payment could have. Unless Monzo is having maintenance on that service areas :slight_smile:


Every time I’ve been part of a Monzo-to-Monzo transfer the receiver has always got their push alert before the sender has had time to say “Alright, I’ve sent you the money.”

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:blush:…that sounds good to me … exactly how it should be !

It’s really good to have this instant peer to peer feature which I use on a regular basis.

My only gripe with this is setting is related to when I try to make any scheduled payments or setting up SO for someone already having Monzo CA. When I click on their picture/name, it takes me to instant peer to peer screen but what if the payment needs to be made in future? And if I use normal scheduled payment feature, I’ll be prompted to input a sort code/account number. Now if the other party is already on Monzo then app should be clever enough to read their sort code and account number to avoid the hassle of typing those details manually! #justsaying