Auto payment whenever an organisation pays money into my account?

(Sam Huckle) #1

I run an Etsy store and want all of my transferred funds to feed straight into my Monzo account.

Not sure if there’s a way to do it. Would it be through the bank? Setting up an auto-transaction (if you can?) whenever Etsy pays money into my account?

Or would I have to change the billing account on Etsy? It doesn’t let me pay into Monzo though.



(Simon B) #2

Hi Sam!

What options do Etsy give to sellers for payment? Does it take your bank details directly (sort code and account number?) or does it take the card details? In order for it to be instant, they’d need to support Faster Payments using the bank details directly.

(Sam Huckle) #3

They take the bank details (sort code etc). Any use?

(Hugh) #4

Yup! As @simonb alluded to, if you have a Monzo Current Account you just need to enter your account number and sort code (04-00-04) and when Etsy cashes out, you’ll get a satisfying ka’ching and it’ll be in your Monzo account :smiley:

Hope that helps! :+1: