Paying off HSBC credit card

(Ricky Nos) #1

Anyone know how to set up on off payments for a HSBC credit card?
I’ve got the sort code and account number from my HSBC online bank payees section but every time I try I get a ‘declined’ on the Monzo home section?


Have you used your credit card number as the payee reference number? You need to add that as well as the sort code and account number of HBSC so that HSBC can link your payment to your credit card.

(Ricky Nos) #3

Just tried that and it seems to have gone through this time, need to wait a day or two for it to hit my card but looks good.
For anyone else having troubles, the recipient name can be whatever you choose, the payee reference needs to be your credit card long number on the front of your card.

Thank you

(Simmy) #4

Glad to hear its sorted for you :slight_smile:


I think banks do thier credit card different with my Lloyds and metro bank credit card I don’t need to add the long card number because the cards have their own account numbers the same as a bank account

(Rika Raybould) #6

Yup, some credit card issuers have a central account and require the reference to be filled in, others have unique account numbers. It’s all up to them. :+1:

Always refer to your particular credit card’s instructions for how to pay it off. :slightly_smiling_face: