Pre Populated Payees

Is there a list of pre populated payees for example credit card companies, utility companies etc. Every other bank has them on their payments but I cannot find them on Monzo

No, Monzo don’t have this

I’ve seen it on Revolut but who else does this? I’d much rather enter the details myself

Barclays and NatWest offered this. It was a useful sanity check, especially for credit cards.

Barclays ensured that reference numbers were pre populated with the BIN, especially useful where multiple cards are available.

They also showed logos for companies along with the company name if you entered details manually, as an extra confirmation.

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Yes I had HSBC before Monzo and the payees were all pre populated since I joined them 12 years ago, also got joint account with NatWest and the payees are pre populated


Why would you want to enter them yourself if you don’t need to?

Because i dont want anything to go wrong and just in case a company has a few departments or there’s a few that are similar in spelling. At least I know if I enter it myself that it’s my fault if it goes missing

Actually that’s covered.

If you’re paying a credit card or a company the bank knows that format the reference should be in.

For example with HSBC setting up a new credit card payee to Barclaycard it will have multiple options and you select the one based on your card number:

So 5400 00 is one 5400 10 is another.

First Direct also do that. Never had a problem and.the subdivisions of credit cards seem to be quite all-encompassing.