Paying my Credit Card with Monzo

(Tom L) #1


Is it possible to pay my credit card with Monzo as a direct payment? I’m setting up a DD for monthly repayments, but there’s some purchases I want to pay off my card right now, and would rather not go through the process of calling up my card provider if I can lazily do it on my Monzo app.

When I go to the payments screen (I’m aware it says ‘by bank transfer’) on Monzo I can only enter 10 digits into the field. On my credit card statement the standard account number field is 00000000 and my card number is obviously 16 digits.

Any ideas?

Thanks :grin:

(Tom L) #2

To add to that - It’s just occurred to me that I’ve only ever been with one bank before and all transfers have been internal, so I’m unsure if paying with card like this is even possible.


Bank transfer to pay off a credit card is standard. No problem doing this with Monzo as I do it.

You’ll need the account number, sort code (which is on the first screen when you hit bank transfer from within the Monzo app) and reference (normally just the card number, or account number – check your CC statement – which you fill in as the reference on the next screen with the amount).



When paying a credit card bill, you either have to pay with a debit card through the cards site (or telephone banking if it’s an outdated one that doesn’t have online management), or through faster payments.

In the case of faster payments (bank transfer), contact your issuer and they’ll provide you a sort code, account number and what to use as the reference - these may also be on the reverse of your statement.

(Daniel White) #5

Just to echo what people have said here. At least with Barclaycard and Tesco Bank there’s a central Account Number and Sort Code for all accounts and then the Reference is your 16 Digit Credit Card Number. Example below from Barclaycard:

Depending on the provider, you can also pay online/over the phone with your Debit Card (Tesco Bank will only do this if you persist on the phone with your Monzo card because they suck).

(Tom L) #6

Thanks Liam and Daniel - sorted now, what was confusing was that Halifax’s central credit card account number was 00000000, so it wasn’t completely obvious.


Some credit cards also offer to pay it off directly using a debit card, for example in my Capital One app I’ve got my Monzo card saved and pay it off every month through that.