Reverse a top up

(David Thompson) #1


Is there a way to reverse or part-reverse a top up? Each month I transfer my monthly budget onto my Monzo card, however this month I need to make a payment to a friend who isnt on Monzo so will have to use my current bank account. Is there a way to transfer the difference from my monzo card to my bank account to i can keep an accurate account of my spending each month (solely through my monzo account)


(Alex Sherwood) #2

This can’t be done by using the features in the app but the Customer Support team might do it in exceptional circumstances.

If that doesn’t work out for you, there’s a couple of options I can think of - you could withdraw the money from an ATM & then pay it into your bank account. Or you may be able to pay it back into your bank account via PayPal -

lastly, surely the best option is to convince your friend to sign up? :wink: if you gave them a golden ticket, they’d probably have the card by the end of the week…

(David Thompson) #3

Indeed - they have already been sent the invite!

Many thanks for your help.


(Matthew Chivers) #4

Just earlier today I had my other half phone me and ask ‘how’ to transfer money back to her bank account. Not ‘if’ but ‘how’? And that’s kinda why I came on the forum today myself. Why isn’t this a thing yet? I constantly advocate Monzo and pitch it to my friends. Telling them I use it because I can so easily control my money. Finding out I can’t withdraw money makes me feel a little foolish for not being able to, y’no, control my money… I get that there are some contrived ways to make it happen (pay myself via paypal, or withdraw from ATM and then pay into bank) but why can’t it happen on the app?

I suppose it is, perhaps, more of a ‘bank’ feature that isn’t so easily done with a pre-pay card. But a refund from a top-up isn’t quite the same as transferring money to others’ bank accounts?

I like the way you think, sir!

(Alex Sherwood) #5

It’s a fair question, I think the reason is that - as you mentioned - Monzo service is built on a prepaid card which is designed for making payments & obviously you can’t make payments to a bank account, only transfers.

So obviously once the current accounts are launched this year, this won’t be a problem but in the meantime it probably does occasionally cause issues (although it hasn’t for me, in the 6 months that I’ve been using Monzo).