Exact top up amounts

Had a quick look and couldn’t see the same already posted.

I think you should be able to top up what ever you want (pretty simple request).
Yesterday I wanted to top up £330 I had to do one top up for £300 and another for £30.

A while ago I wanted to top up £575, I had to top up £500 then £70 and after two top ups it still wasn’t the amount I wanted. :frowning: pretty inconvenient.

Although in whole I love Monzo (apart from not working with ApplePay) :mondo: :apple:

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You’re better off using a Faster Payments transfer from your other bank, then you can do precise amounts and it arrives instantly.


I dont mean to be rude but thats not really the point. I don’t want to use my other bank I want to use monzo.
I dont have any issue with the time it takes to get into my monzo account. I use the in app apple pay to top up, I tap that, use finger print and the money is instantly in my account (monzo is good that way). I just want to be able to choose the amount (its a pretty simple software update).


Ok, I can understand that, I’m just telling you how you can get a precise amount transferred. Right or wrong, there seems very little chance that you will ever be able to specify a precise amount for a debit card top-up, as this was rejected/resisted by hugo a couple of years ago, back when top-up was the primary way to get money into Monzo.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t express your desire for this feature, who knows what the future holds! Also, hopefully in the future, with open banking, Monzo will be able to pull money out of your other bank account directly from within the :monzo: app which should provide the behaviour you’re looking for.

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Thats cool! Wasnt trying to be rude :). Didnt know that had been rejected before.

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You weren’t rude at all, I can definitely understand the desire for this feature!