Top up money from a non-UK card

Hi, I have a Spanish account and I wanted to top up my Monzo card from my Spanish debit card, but when filling up the details Monzo identifies the card as credit and it won’t allow me. Also, to transfer from my Spanish account to the Monzo one doesn’t seem possible, is there any solution?

I’ve put a quote and a thread below :slight_smile:

You should be able to top-up your account (if you have a Monzo card already) via a bank transfer. If you’re trying to do your initial £100 top up in order to receive you’re Monzo card then I’m unsure :frowning:

Do you have a UK bank account that you’re able to use? :slight_smile:

I did the initial £100 and been transferring money from a UK account till now.
Spanish banks ask for an IBAN number, so the details given by Monzo (account number and Sort Code) are not applicable, that’s why top up through a debit card was very convenient in this case, but Monzo doesn’t seem to accept the Spanish debit :frowning:

Monzo do accept foreign debit cards as German French US and Estonian and others have been used successfully. Your card must have a BIN which is allocated to a Credit range not Debit


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You can top up using services like Transferwise or Azimo. You can use local transfer from your Spanish bank to Transferwise (or pay by debit card), and then tell Transferwise to send money to Monzo’s account number/sort number, with 9-digit reference code - as per details mentioned earlier.

You might have quite high fees for international bank transfers and bad exchange rate applied by your Spanish bank, not Monzo. Transferwise/Azimo are totally rocking the world with their transfers because of cheap fees and really good exchange rates.

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