Husband's Cheque

Question y’all: Is it normal for cheques to take over two weeks to reach monzo? I think not and I’m pretty sure it’s been lost in the post but as it was over Christmas (and a christmas present to my husband) I’m just curious if anyone else has had problems.

No, it has probably been lost in the post unfortunately. You’d be better off going to one of the more technologically advanced banks that let you pay your cheque in using the app, like Halifax or Barclays.

I had one that took 3 weeks over last christmas. It’s a mix of the post and staff being off so takes longer

Hopefully you’ll hear soon

Hi Rose & welcome to the forum :wave:

You are dependent on 2 things - The Royal Mail delivering the posted cheque to Monzo and Monzo processing it. In my experience, cheque postings have taken approx 10 days from posting to receipt of funds in the account - but I’ve not personally submitted any over the Xmas period.

If Monzo has received your posted cheque, you’ll get a notification in your feed. It’ll then be 2-3 days to clear after that. If you’ve not had a notification by now, I’d contact Monzo using in-app chat to see if they’ve any record of receiving it :crossed_fingers:

EDIT: oh… just read “(and a christmas present to my husband)” in your post. Does he have a Monzo account which can receive the cheque or have you ‘cashed’ it against your account to be able to then transfer to him?