Would be interested to know how many people have deposited cash at paypoint

I know it’s only a few months since launch I wonder how many people have deposited cash.?

Although I said I dislike the feel I’ve used it a few times. Never had any problems easy and fast. I wish it was immediate but I’m sure they said they looking into it.

I would be very surprised if any kind of information like that would be given out publicly. I imagine it’s fairly commercially sensitive data.

I think I remember reading in the original topic that they would try reducing the 10 min to near instant in the future but it would require some work on PayPoints end.

I tend to use paypoint for anything over £100 and then post office and legacy bank for change and any smaller notes - tend to save them up until I get the £100 to deposit.

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Yeah same as me I think they do encourage larger deposits and as they stated its designed so far people with cash from gifts Xmas etc

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They need to use post office

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I just use my legacy account to deposit in post office and transfer.

Most shops with paypoint have a post office, its instant and free, just a couple of buttons and it transferred to Monzo.

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If I need to then I just pay it into my old Metrobank account as I pass by one every day.

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No need to use to be fair if anything I have another account I can deposit into via the post office then send it across and doesn’t cost me a penny.

I’ve deposited cash twice now and have found that both times the staff were lost as to what to do (this was at the same PayPoint location)

I’ve never deposited at a PayPoint with Monzo and I never will.

I have 4 other bank accounts that allow me to do it at the Post Office for free and I will always encourage people to use other banks methods instead of Monzos method.


It’s hardly scientific, but let’s ask the people on here!

  • YES! I’ve used PayPoint to deposit cash to my Monzo account.
  • NO! I’ve not used PayPoint to deposit cash to my Monzo account.

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Why do you think that? In my experience, folk often initially think that something is sensitive but it turns out not to be. As a thought experiment, what harm could come to Monzo if we knew exactly how many of their customers have used PayPoint? :thinking:

(I’m not saying that to prove a point - I’m genuinely interested in where the harm would be - I can’t think of anything off the top of my head).


…because referendums are always a good idea!

I don’t understand the whole “I’ll never use this facility” declarations that come across (to me) as attempting some sort of threat. Am I misreading things?

If not, what’s the point of them?


I think with monzo’s stat sharing history, we’ll eventually see a rough set of figures :grin:

We’ve seen “how much has been spent through monzo” and plenty of other data points, I doubt we’ll see super low level PayPoint details but overall usage, as Peter suggests, is pretty harmless :blush:

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I think it’s a reasonable position here - I’m unlikely to use it because there alternative options available to me at less (no) cost.

Where I do find it more of a threat is where someone pops up to say “I want feature X. I’m going to Starling [or other favourite bank here] any day now if I don’t get it”. To which I think well, if feature X is super important to you - and it outweighs other advantages of Monzo, or you can’t operate two bank accounts - then you must absolutely move. And don’t wait!


However if your working long hours then PayPoint is a valid alternative- yes it may cost £1 but all my local post offices open after 8am & close before 6pm.


Yes exactly for convenience it wins if they make changes say improve the deposit limit say 1k monthly instead of every six months and either reduce the charge or remove it completely it would be perfect imo.

If anything, it’s just caused to me to keep a “biggy bank” at home for when I get/make I make random notes to deposit it - originally I was against the £1 fee (even though I fully understood the reasoning and wanted to support monzo), it’s actually forced me to save as I want to hit my £100 (£101 with the the fee) before depositing the cash via paypoint :joy: