Paying in cash - no updates


I always enjoyed counting change out. It’s quite relaxing, and once you’ve done it a few times you can get quite quick at it.


With Santander you can pay in cash into one of their accounts from most of their ATMs on the outside of the bank and the funds are available instantly - even if the bank is shut. Very useful for now (transferring it into my Monzo account) until there’s another solution!

(Tom) #23

thanks so much, and although some may not be willing, I’d be even willing to deposit with a small charge if thats what we need to do in the short-term!

(JamesP) #24

Like the people who doubted the demise of the cheque… Oh wait!..

(William Brown) #25

Cash is king is the slogan or so it was and at moment I do get cash so trying to live in cashless society doesn’t work like paying with debit card on bus fails for everyone you need cash to pay the bus driver and when you take out a savings account in the building society you get cash and cheque so you need ways to pay in to monzo not all building society accounts allow electronic transfers from your savings I know Newcastle building society and Nottingham building society don’t allow that if your using passbooks and it’s all in branch or by post so cash going in to monzo has to be paid in some way or another and not having cash deposits doesn’t help those moments you need to pay cash in so we need an easy to use solution

(William Brown) #26

If your in Republic of Ireland banks charge small fee regardless of how much paid in but it’s not a lot but many banks have raft of charges that’s just how it is over there but I’d pay say 25p for my deposit as long as I’m not loosing out in long run

In Ireland KBC bank don’t have cash deposits or cash withdrawals at all its all electronic and you withdraw at atm cash machine only. All the rest still offer cash deposits permanent tsb don’t charge for individual transactions on their main explore current account but Ulster bank, bank of Ireland and aib charge for paying in and taking out aib charge almost every transaction.

(William Brown) #27

Today I used my monese account to pay in and then send money to monzo but I shouldn’t need to use monese to pay in to monzo though it got to my monzo account in under 20 mins which was record for faster payments when these companies use third party systems to transfer your money

(Tom) #28

So it looks like this is coming next month! Can’t wait!

(Tom) #29

Where did you see that?

(Tom) #30

did you not get the Monzo email?

To come in October

In the coming month we’ll keep working on longer-term projects like getting interest paid on savings and welcoming even more Monzo users.

And now we’ve reached the last quarter of the year, we’ll be setting our company goals and making them public again too.

Helping you deposit cash into your Monzo account :money_with_wings:

Because we don’t have branches, we’ve been working to find another way to let you pay cash into your Monzo account.

We’re working to start testing this out by the end of the month. And we’ll share some more details about how it’ll work very soon!

(Tom) #31

No, doesn’t look like I’m signed up :thinking:

Thanks for the link.

(Jack) #32

Cash deposits are now live: You can now pay cash into your Monzo account!