How to pay cash to Monzo account if you have no other account?

Hi I’m your new user and I have a problem I’m getting money from my workplace cash how I can pay in those money to my account to pay bills I was trying to do it on the Post Office unfortunately they are unable to transfer money to this account. Please help.

Unfortunately this isn’t possible at the moment, although it is said to be coming soon. Could you ask a friend or family member to pay the cash into their account and transfer you the money?


Unfortunately I have no one else who can do that for me. Everyone is taking benefits for children and they frighten to pay in money as then they will have problem with government.

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I don’t think that is a solution… actually it is just something worth you can do, but not everyone got somebody who can pay money into own account and then transfer those to your account

Can you ask your employer to do the transfer for you maybe?

Monzo are launching the ability to pay in cash soon (which doesn’t help you now, I know). In the interim, I think Starling bank lets you pay in cash at NatWest branches, could be worth looking at them too :+1:


I will go to NatWest and I will check out any option to pay in cash to my account over there. Thank you very much. If any one know any other option please let me know. :wink:

Just to clarify, Monzo does not yet take cash payments at all.

Starling is another bank, similar to Monzo - :slightly_smiling_face:


How did you cope before you got your Monzo account?

Also, if your employer is paying you in cash, can you not just ask them to pay you directly to your account instead?


Everyone is taking benefits for children and they frighten to pay in money as then they will have problem with government.

I really wonder why the government would give any problems to citizens who simply want to deposit legally-earned money on which they presumably already paid tax? Or is there more to this story? :smirk:

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It looks like it’s extra income, perhaps through undeclared employment, especially if it’s regular. They do periodic random checks on bank accounts. I certainly wouldn’t risk it


But even if these people were doing something shady with their own cash, surely there shouldn’t be a problem depositing the author’s cash since it seems like it’s all comes from legitimate employment…

I can see you’ve never had to deal with the various benefit agencies :grin:

You receive benefits and help a friend out by putting their cash into your account weekly and transfer it to their account. Benefits do a random check and see you are depositing x amount per week. This is income that you haven’t declared. They’ll either suspend your benefits while they investigate or drag you in to be interviewed under caution. Either way it’s weeks of stress and producing evidence. Logic doesn’t come into it with them


Well you have to know that government’s have access to all of accounts and can see actually how much money you paying in and paying off and then if you lie they can check this and give you evidence of it this way you can lose your benefits. For them money on your account belongs to you even if you are paying to your friend or giving money back to them.

It doesn’t change any station that no one wants to pay money to my account. Thanks to other member which advise me which bank does have option to pay in CASH on other banks I opens another bank account and I think I will use it. Hopefully Monzo will change something soon.

Yeah, they’ve asked for that to be amended as it’s not live yet

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Ah, so that’s why I can’t find it anywhere in my app :wink:

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What’s the official word from Monzo on cash deposits?
Timeframe for when it goes live?

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