Paying In cash and cheques

(Lee Webb ) #1

Anyone else think we need to be able to pay in cash and cheques? I was going to swap
Over fully but I don’t think I will now. Any plans Monzo people???

(#savetheseabass) #2

Cash no

Cheque yes

I wonder what happens if you don’t write it in capitals…

(Hugh Wells) #3

I don’t think Royal Mail is case sensitive :wink:

I believe we did test this and it arrived :pray:

(Brenda Wong) #4

It might be best though, considering my terrible handwriting, block capitals is always the best way to go

(Jolin) #5

Why then does the advice in-app specifically emphasise that it must be written in capitals? It makes me slightly nervous to have Monzo staff contradicting the app advice. :grimacing:


That’s a Royal Mail thing. FREEPOST is always caps, as should (on normal addresses) the POST TOWN.

It’ll get there either way - I think it just allows their automated scanners to read it better/faster. It’s not going to end up in the pile of uncapitalised mail.


Rumour has it that is in a huge warehouse in Northern Ireland!

(Hugh Wells) #8

Sorry if this was confusing :sleepy: It is generally best to put it in caps, however as @TTJJ said this is just to aid Royal Mail sorting machines and your cheque won’t be discarded just because it isn’t in the “right” format.

(darren aubrey) #9

Think the whole address in capitals totally side tracks the main problem I have and why I can’t fully commit to Monzo the not being able to pay cash in. I even be happy paying a flat fee for this service. Just rediclous we have come this far but still can not pay cash in.

(#savetheseabass) #10

Cash is medium term on the road map (6-12 months)

(Peri Thompson ) #11

Careful the address in the message has been changed, no longer city road…


This has been updated on Android

(#savetheseabass) #13

Updated on iOS too. That screenshot is months old


Thought it might be!


I’m pretty sure Monzo said there’s a redirect on the old address for the foreseeable future as well

(Jack) #16

Yep this was said. Can’t remember where tho