Sending cheque to Monzo

So I sent a cheque to Monzo through the post on Monday this week.

I put FREEPOST MONZO on the front of the envelope and my return address on the back.

I gave it to the post room at work and confirmed with them did it look ok, they said freepost all fine and took my envelope.

Yesterday my cheque arrived at my house, they had mailed it straight to me.

Now did I do something wrong or did the post room “have a moment”?

They franked the envelope on the side with my return address. I even wrote “return” address to make it clear.

Should I try again?

Oh dear, that’s no good! If you don’t mind trying again, be sure that your return address starts with a line saying “Return Address” (as opposed to just “Return”).

We don’t normally have issues receiving mail sent to “FREEPOST MONZO”, so I think you just got unlucky. :crossed_fingers: Fingers crossed for next time :slight_smile:


Hey Stephen! It may also be worth double checking the Monzo address you wrote. I’ve chatted to people on the phone who’ve got this slightly wrong before.

Please make sure you write ‘FREEPOST MONZO’ followed by:
Broadwalk House, 5 Appold St, London EC2A 2AG


I would assume that the franked side from your post room caused the problem - thats the address the PO is being paid to deliver it to ???


It sounds like the franking on the wrong side was the real culprit here. That would have misled the post office I think.


I’ve sent anything over £20 via a tracked/first class delivery. Worth paying £1.17 or whatever it was to make sure the cheque gets there.

snap … :slight_smile:

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The help topic says just FREEPOST MONZO and not the rest of the address :thinking:


Sure! I always suggest including the full address, but you’re right. We usually don’t have issues receiving cheques, so fingers crossed Stephen’s arrives next time!

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This is definitely it - when it is going through the sorting system at Royal Mail, they’re going to have it facing whichever way the stamp or frank is on it. Even if it says ‘Return’, they don’t have time to check both sides of every envelope whizzing through the system.

For a return address, make sure it’s written in smaller writing (it only needs to be read if your mail can’t be delivered) and write above it ‘Return address:’ or ‘Sender:’. I usually just put my house number and post code, that’s enough to get mail back to you.


Are there any plans for paying in cheques via the app?


This happened to me when I posted my check to Monzo first time. I think it’s automated scanning of the envelope, it see the return address is a full address, vs the 2 lines frepost, so auto routes it incorrectly. second attempt, I wrote my return address very small on the back, and added full address under Monzo free post address, and it got there safe and sound.


Thanks everyone, I will give it another go!

Another tip is to write the return address very small on the back, to avoid confusion. If you make sure the whole thing fits on the flap, it should remind people to try the front. Failing that, draw a stamp on the front!

Mine got there this week with just FREEPOST MONZO, and I didn’t bother with a return address…


In addition to all of the above. I’d have a word with the post room to enquire why they are franking a FREEPOST letter anyway.


I’ve always just sent it Freepost Monzo - that’s the point of a good Freepost address!

I would always just pop it into a postbox. Work will frank it and it’s not required.


Write any return addresses on the backs of envelopes at 45 degrees to the normal address orientation, so the destination address horizontally on the front and the return address from bottom to top on the back, large lettering on the front smaller lettering on the back.


Certainly are! We’re working on cheque imaging at the moment. Trouble is, it’s not a “quick win” because the accreditation process is quite lengthy, so it’s not likely to land this year (at least, that’s my understanding of the situation!)

Hopefully early 2019!


awesome! The only time I get cheques is birthdays and Christmas so can’t see it being a massive issue anyway! Just a bit inconvienent once or twice a year!

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