Paying in a cheque differences

I thought I was seeing things but for my wife to pay a cheque in on her monzo account (basic account) the app says it takes 5-7 working days and there is a Freeport address. For me (plus user) it says 4-6 days and there is an address and it says include a stamp. Why the difference? On our joint account it is the same, same account but different information depending on who pays it in.

You need to update your app then you’ll both see the same info. See here:


Thankyou Richard. Just checked and we both have the latest version of the app. Maybe it will take a few days longer as we have different versions of android :thinking:

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You’re both definitely on 3.82.0 right?

Tap your profile image in the top left, then the cog in the top right. You’ll see the version at the bottom.

But yeah in short, Freepost Monzo still exists, but they recommend using the PO BOX and a stamp.

I am, wife is on 3.81.0 but no update available yet. Will keep checking. Thanks again :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::+1: