Paying EE Mobile Bill

I have just spoken to EE after arguing that my card is NOT an overseas card. & that Monzo have a Banking licence . I was told if enough people called EE & complained then they would accept our Card? I was miffed!?!?! I paid my bill using A Credit Card as I refuse to put my Main High st current accounts out there . Then I paid my credit card off using
My Mondo card! Can some one AT Monzo please Contact EE & ask them to whitelist this card! Ty

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This is a known problem and the main issue comes from the fact that monzo doesn’t yet offer debit cards which are attached to a current account. It’s a prepaid debit card which they don’t seem to want to accept.
Once the current accounts go live you shouldn’t have any issues


I’d prefer a resolution before that. Like someone OFFICIAL from Monzo actually contacting EE & asking them to whitelist this card. I’m pretty tired of being told things are only possible when we have account numbers . This has no bearing on Applepay (which I’m still waiting for as are others!) or in Whitelisting Monzo as other Retailers have done… If Boon can do it so can Monzo as boon have no current accounts & are using wirecard!which I Believe Monzo use!

I’m sure it is possible and I’m sure you’ll appreciate that they will have all their time focused on getting the full accounts ready and passing the certification during the mobilisation phase.
Hopefully they will be able to sort it out but it’s won’t be much longer till the full accounts are ready so you won’t have to wait too long.
As an alternative could you not pay your bill with your credit card then pay it off with monzo and add a note to the transaction so it makes it clear that it was for the phones.
I know it’s not ideal but it’s a workaround

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I think the answer to this question is pretty simple. They are focused on getting the debit cards/current accounts sorted so this wont be a problem. Give it 3/4 months and this won’t be a problem at all


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