Apple Pay Idea!

(Nathan Slater) #1

So I tried to use my phone to add the card as Apple Pay. I often use my phone as a method of payment. Just considering if you guys would be able to think about adding your card to the Apple servers? It’s another method that they can use you’re aweome Monzo card! :slight_smile:
PS… mine arrived today. And it says Mondo Beta! Is this a problem? Or do I just have a rare Mondo/Monzo card?

Also! Thanks for being awesome Monzo! :wink:

(Josh Bray) #2

Monzo isn’t compatible with apple/android pay and won’t be until it launches it’s own current account.
I don’t know if they will create monzo prepaid cards. They just might wait until their own debit cards come.

(Rika Raybould) #3

Welcome to the community!

Apple Pay is already on the public roadmap for the medium term.

Implementing it is a bit more difficult than just adding the card to Apple’s system though. Since the current prepaid cards are only temporary until Monzo launch their current accounts, I’d expect Apple Pay to follow on from that. Otherwise, it’s a lot of work and negotiations to carry out with partners and then have to redo when Monzo issue their own cards tied to real current accounts.

As for your Mondo card, it sounds like you got one of the last batch that still say Mondo! All cards from very soon onwards will say Monzo.

(Josh Bray) #4

Didn’t know they were getting new cards. Just thought they’d just wait until they produce debit cards

(Rika Raybould) #5

Neither did I! I was a little surprised when I saw @simon’s tweet but I suppose if they’re still issuing cards (remember, Android public beta soon!) and ordering new batches then it’s worth swapping the one letter and going through the process of getting that approved for production. :grinning:

(Josh Bray) #6

Yeah that is true. When the android beta goes live there will be a lot more users so I guess it makes sense. I guess we’ve all got some of the last cards.