Images for payees


Apologies if this has already been requested - I couldn’t find anything using the search but would be surprised if this had not already been asked about.

Would it be possible to add images to non-Monzo payees in the app? Or to link the payees with contacts that already exist on my phone? When you make a payment to another Monzo user their image is displayed in the feed, but payments to other payees just use the contact’s initials.

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If you could link payee details to a contact that would probably solve it for most people.

(Vladislav Kozub) #3

What is we could just add a picture from the library?

I am quite happy to spend my time requesting logos for small companies and very much like having branding against every transaction, even from a local bike shop.

But these initials like JE, AD, OP and so on are just so annoying in comparison. It would be great to simply add a photo to a payee like you add one for your account.


I’d be happy with that as an option but I would definitely prefer linking to a contact myself. Mainly because I have pictures against those already and it would be easier for me :slight_smile:


I thought that this would be the best option too.

(Vladislav Kozub) #6

Would be nice to have different options after all

(Tim Banting) #7

Im pretty sure this is what Starling do. Also they have a count down timer thing that allows you to cancel payments if you made a mistake. The pay someone on Monzo shows up people’s profiles- obviously from the app. Would be nice to have the same from your phone contacts.

(Tom Halloran) #8

On iPhone at least (don’t know about Android) it could connect to the slightly creepy photos section that classifies all of your friends and provides a mug-shot of each (‘People’) - then there’s a good chance you’d find the right person’s picture in one click to upload. Would certainly make that section feel a lot more personal and relevant

You’d need to give Monzo access to your photos of course…