Bank transfer - missing logo

Morning all :wave:t3:

(Just had by salary paid in to :mondo: for the first time and it was SOOOO satisfying :wink:) but the real point here is…

I just made a bank transfer to my accountant, and I’ve got no option to suggest a logo, improve merchant details or anything! :frowning:

They’ve got all the social media handles so I was quite looking forward to adding their details and seeing their little logo appear in my feed - alas I can’t!

Anyone have any idea when we can add these details for bank transfers? Is this something :mondo: is working on?

Many thanks :pray:t3::blush:

Not seen anything posted about this. It’s be great to have that stuff locally though, so we can add logos/pictures to all contacts/bank transfers.

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Thanks for the reply @HoddzDJ :blush: absolutely, I do hope it happens soon as my timeline is a thing of vanity :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


I’ve been waiting for profile pictures on non Monzo payees since 2016 so I wouldn’t get your hopes up…


Oh, really? :confused: Any COps got word on this at all?