Payee name disappears on transaction

Payee name disappeared on transactions. I’ve spoken to Support and advice is to delete app and reinstall it. This works but only temporarily and I don’t want to keep doing it so adding here. Image shows payment to my partner but only the reference shows. I’ve got multiple transactions like this to multiple contacts.

Details to reproduce:
OS: iOS 13.2.3
Device: iPhone XS Max
App Version: 3.9.0 #579 TestFlight


I have an outgoing and in incoming transfers with the name changed to just the reference. Really annoying

iPhone 6 iOS 12.4.3 latest TestFlight


I have the same issue with transactions and payee details disappearing only to be replaced by the reference and its really annoying!!! Support were looking into it although this was over a week ago now I have a feeling they won’t be getting back in touch. I also was told to delete the app and reinstall which works sometimes and others it doesn’t. It seems to be faster payments it effects and also cheques that have been added to your account by Monzo

I have installed the Monzo app on a galaxy tablet and these issues doesn’t appear to happen on android. I have also noticed statements are not affected. So looks like a IOS bug.

iPhone 7 iOS 13.2.3 TestFlight version 3.9.0 (579)

I’ve had this. Deleting and reinstalling the app fixed it but that’s not a long term solution…

This is happening a lot more than I realised - or I’ve just noticed it more. Either way I hope a fix comes soon.

It is getting worse, even after reinstalling the app the transactions are all messed up. It’s really not good for a banking app to give poor information like this.

I have noticed it appears to be when updates of the transaction feed happens. If you hit the home button in quick succession between personal and joint account 5 or 6 times, transactions near to the top of the transaction list display normal again, any below that remain messed up.

I have also noticed the update the of transaction feed process seems so much slicker and instant on Android. As I have noticed on iOS savings pots interest and scheduled payments from pots don’t always update and you have to flick between pots to get them to refresh and Android is instant.

I really wish Monzo would fix this as its incredibly annoying.


I’ve had this issue on one of my standing orders for the last couple of months or so.
When I see the greyed out upcoming payment, it shows the reference twice, instead of payee name and reference underneath in the feed. Once the payment has been taken it then seems to display correctly.

iPhone X
iOS 13.2.3
Monzo 3.9.0

Since the bug started I’ve had to reinstall the app a few times for other reasons but still have this bug so a reinstall doesn’t seem to fix it.

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This is happening for me too.

iPhone XS. iOS 13.1.3. Monzo TF 3.10.

It seems to be worse. It now happens a few hours after the transaction is made.

Hey @Paulw

Thanks for the report, we’re still investigating this issue, unfortunately it looks like it’s pretty complex and we don’t have a fix yet.

I’ll keep you updated.

Thanks for bearing with us.


Hi Craig,

Thanks for getting in touch and pleased you’re looking into it.

Have a good weekend



@mosgo Hey, thought you might like to see this :slightly_smiling_face:

So pleased to have found this, I wasn’t getting very far with Support - lots of crossed wires! Hope it’s fixed soon

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Fantastic @Paulw let’s hope it doesn’t take too long to fix :slightly_smiling_face:


This bug is actually much worse than I thought. I was trying to check something this evening and was searching for a payment I sent to someone, and couldn’t find it using search, and it turns out it’s because the payee name has disappeared. :man_facepalming:
I’ve now gone back months through my transaction list and the payee name has disappeared from numerous bank transfers to (and from) different people, leaving only the reference.

I had thought it was just on one of my monthly standing orders it was happening the day before the payment was taken out. But it seems to have gone back and retroactively removed the names going back months. I hope this is fixed soon.


Does seem to be getting worse. All my outbound standing orders and faster payments no longer show any information on the recipient of the payment. Just the reference repeated. Any update on progress?

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Hey @davidkeens

Unfortunately not, I’ll make sure to post in the thread when I have an update.


Just started spotting this myself, so posting here to confirm it’s still an issue.

I’m on iPhone 11 Pro, iOS 13.3, Monzo App version 3.13.0 #586.

Can confirm re-installing app does ‘fix’ this.

Before re-install:

After re-install:

Still an issue. Currently waiting on an update. Perhaps your thread and this can be merged.

Yeah have linked to it from there.

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